Lost. Disconnected. Hurt. Masked toughness.

Those are a few words I’d use to describe myself before stumbling upon a spiritual awakening.

I was successful, but miserable. I was always chasing something.

When I discovered breathwork, I was skeptical the practice could be as powerful at scale as what I was experiencing.

So, I started studying. I traveled to every retreat and workshop across India, Bali and Peru. Then, I referenced other modalities: I tried ayahuasca, meditation, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, reiki, toad venom, frog venom, ayurveda, kundalini tantra and more. I went to conferences from @eckharttolle to @tonyrobbins. I read 70+ psychospiritual and business books by authors like @robertgreeneofficial and @ryanholiday.

Something stood out for me about hypnosis. I thought if I can use breathwork to get into deep theta trance-induced states, and then stimulate subconscious reprogramming and replacement suggestions – we could create sustainable behavior change.

Next, I added @drjoedispenza‘s meditations at the end to fire new neural pathways and align our thoughts with our emotions. This is how I developed HypnoBreathwork®.

I self-experimented daily and started coaching entrepreneurs and executives – people began creating their own reality. Decade long behavior patterns were dissolving in a single session. Relationships were healing, self-worth was solidifying and clients started quitting unfulfilling jobs to pursue their passion and purpose. The results were remarkable.





Lost. Disconnected. Hurt. Masked toughness.