Unblock Your Purpose is a debut guide that  illustrates how a revolutionary methodology combining the powers of conscious breathing and hypnosis can remove obstacles, reveal personal purpose, and allow everyone to tap into states of intuition, creativity, and optimal performance.

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Francesca Sipma

Founder of HypnoBreathwork®

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Unblock Your Purpose is a captivating story of an ex-New Yorker stumbling upon a spiritual awakening and creating a new methodology in the personal development space to help others find their internal meaning and fulfillment.
Francesca Sipma captures the healing powers of breathwork and hypnosis to cultivate intuition, access flow state on-demand, and discover your purpose. Her book is filled with countless stories of growth transformations and riveting tales of healing estranged relationships, quitting corporate jobs, and leaving toxic relationships in single sessions. She shares the science and psychology behind financial abundance, emotional regulation, and self-mastery.
Sipma's systematic approach makes purpose tangible and accessible—requiring only a consistent practice to heal past wounds and unleash unbounded levels of clarity to live a life of service and impact.

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francesca was seen in

— Jelani Jenkins,
Former NFL Raider 

"Francesca is a ROCKSTAR and I'll forever give gratitude for the blessing of her breathwork practice. Not only has it improved my athletic performance, but it has empowered me with a framework to maintain alignment with my intuition and connection with my purpose on this Earth."

— Dr. Jonathan Leary,
Founder & CEO of Remedy Place 

"Francesca is the best of the best! Get ready to open a tool that is legitimately going to change your life." 

— Courtney King,
Former Miss Olympia & Influencer 

"Holy wow. Breathwork with Francesca is so powerful, intense and healing."

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10 chapters of Breakthrough

Unblock Your Purpose


The Awakening


Fragile Foundations


Spoiled Brats


Flawed Heroes


Work Mastery


Integrating Shadows


Abundance Mindset


Reconciling Relationships


Compound Intuitive Action


Life in Service


.I started writing four years ago when I left my corporate and start-up jobs and went on a spiritual pilgrimage around the world. I was living on sticky rice and fresh mangos in Chiang Mai and writing of healing adventures around the world. About a quarter of the way through, I realized that my story was just beginning, and I hadn't lived enough to tell about it.

I hit pause on the novel, focused on my Muay Thai classes, and continued to let the journey unfold.

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During this time, I studied concepts and theories by the modern world's greatest thought leaders, from Tony Robbins to Dr. Joe Dispenza and The Holistic Psychologist. I absorbed an abundance of literature across psychology, spirituality, and ancient texts detailing the medicinal properties of conscious breath. Through the synthesis of these disciplines, a new contemporary approach to the therapeutic practice of breathwork and hypnotic suggestion was born—a hyper-efficient 22-minute daily process called HypnoBreathwork®. In the two years since I stopped writing in 2019, I have discovered my own modality, built a coaching practice including a twelve-week online course, seven-day intensive, Masterclass, Mastermind, and certification with fifty teachers globally. By modernizing the breathwork experience, I've generated half a million dollars in sales and impacted hundreds of people. Most importantly, a way to hack flow state on demand has been realized—reaching optimal levels of consciousness for clarity, cognition, retention, problem-solving, and decision-making.

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xo, Francesca

 I know what you're thinking. Breathing? Yeah, I've got that one down.
Your confusion isn't unwarranted. In all honesty, I wasn't entirely sold on the idea of breathwork either when I first set out on my quest for a higher purpose. That uncertainty quickly dwindled when I found myself in the middle of a breathwork session, opening doors within myself I didn't even know existed, and bawling rivers of tears while being consoled by facilitators I had just met an hour prior. Breathing is much more than a binary, basic function of our biological maintenance; it's a channel from which you can activate your natural capacity for immense healing and personal growth. When stimulated in harmony with the power of the subconscious mind, breathwork serves as the catalyst of self-awareness and transformative inner evolution. It turns out doing your deep work to heal childhood conditioning, societal expectations, and cultural upbringing has its advantages. When we resolve the unprocessed emotions and trauma living in our minds and bodies, we free up our energy to optimal levels of creativity. We are able to connect the dots to our life's purpose and find unbounded levels of fulfillment and meaning inside Unblock Your Purpose. 

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Francesca Sipma is a former New Yorker who spent her career in advertising and marketing for top global brands. After 10 years of chasing an insatiable lifestyle, she experienced a radical awakening and went on a quest to find higher purpose. She found herself on a deep self-exploration journey exploring modalities and retreats all over Bali, India and Peru. She became fascinated by the power of breath and subconscious mind as a catalyst into self-awareness to deconstruct childhood conditioning and social programming.

A voracious reader and deeply motivated student, she has been able to utilize the tools she teaches to transcend anxiety, self-doubt, unhealthy relationship patterns, addiction and more. She is passionate about infusing psychology, spirituality and science to guide transformative growth experiences.

Francesca is now a certified breathwork coach and hypnotherapist based in San Diego, CA. helping thousands come into alignment with their highest selves and live more meaningful lives of love and service.

Author, Founder & CEO of HypnoBreathwork®

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