Summer Reads

ZERO TO ONE: A foundational read for start-up entrepreneurs. I found particularly helpful the building of a creative monopoly + 7 questions every business must answer from engineering to distribution on pg. 154. “Brilliant thinking is rare, but courage is even shorter supply than genius.” ❤️

YOU ARE THE PLACEBO: Remarkable studies and stories about chronic illness being healed through thought – backed by science with a comprehensive understanding of neurocircuitry of the brain and chemistry of the body. ⚡️

HOW TO DO THE WORK: A fundamental read on holistic psychology that every human should be required to read. World-changing and tangible self-healing strategies – my faves being in reparenting, boundary setting & emotional maturity. @the.holistic.psychologist

THE ART OF IMPOSSIBLE: LOVE @kotler.steven and the intrinsic motivators of curiosity, passion, meaning, purpose, mastery & autonomy. However, the approach to flow state is incredibly methodological when we can access optimal states on-demand through the right combination of breath, music and cues. Flow State Breathwork™ 25-min recorded session in my bio for those interested.

TRANSCEND: A thorough expansion from Maslow’s Theory of Transcendence with a focus on integration and self-actualization. (Shocker psilocybin and meditation credited for awe-inducing experiences to release anxiety and fear and increase peace, harmony, and joy.) “Self-actualizing people are simultaneously the most individualistic and the most altruistic and social and loving of all human beings. #dichotomy

EINSTEIN: The illuminating autobiography of Albert Einstein – his nonconformist nature, aversion to arbitrary authority, respect for individuality, and use of imagination and intuition. His passion for advocating a unified and connected solution in both science and world politics was expansive and inspiring. “The development of creative activities of the spirit requires a freedom that consists in the independence of thought from the restrictions of authoritarian and social prejudice.” 💚 #expander

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Summer Reads