Book Recommendations Part #2

January Stack 🔥

THE GIFTS OF IMPERFECTION: A must read for recovering perfectionists to develop self-compassion and shame resilience. The story on page 60 blew my mind on acknowledging hurt and tears as courage. 🙏🏽

GREENLIGHTS: An entertaining read with epic storytelling and life lessons by @officiallymcconaughey. Loved the lessons on preparation + instincts and becoming less impressed and more involved. 🚦

THE CODE OF THE EXTRAORDINARY MIND: A read on extraordinary minds – a perpetual state of growth and self-innovation – including exercises to upgrade your beliefs and become “unfuckwithable”. “True brilliance is understanding that your view of order, logic and spirituality is what created your world and therefore being forever capable of changing everything.” 💫

INDISTRACTABLE: @neyal99 explains the hidden psychology driving us to distraction (to relieve discomfort) and shares practical techniques to remain focused and control our time and attention. My favorite being “timeboxing” – deciding what youre going to do and when you’re going to do it to make time & create traction for each life domain (self, relationships, work). 🧠

CREATIVITY, INC: Behind the scenes story of the rise of Pixar and digital animation. Low key lessons on leadership, management and how to cultivate an environment of creativity and collaboration. Standout for me was promoting candor and “BrainTrusts” – putting smart, passionate people in a room together to identify and solve problems and encourage candid feedback. ⚡️

STEVE JOBS: One of my new fave books of all-time. Steve Jobs is fascinating, passionate, complicated, shocking. His visionary thinking to relentless execution across industries is highest embodiment of world-changing entrepreneurship. ❤️

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Book Recommendations Part #2