What Love Has To Do With Business

You have to heal your heart to get to the next level of your business. That’s the way energetics work – it’s all connected.

I had to do my relationship work to excel in every facet of my life. Once I learned to open my heart and find value in relationships, I attracted a partner that mirrored back my blindspots and triggered my greatest opportunities for growth. I’ve always been assertive, decisive, focused and efficient. My areas for development are patience, compassion and empathy. This is consistent in work and relationships.

The more I open to this man, soften into my feminine, care more, love bolder and show compassion – the more momentum I attract in my business. He literally makes me more effective at work. Now with my clients, I’m present, listen more, feel the fear beyond their words, hear the doubt in their stories… You can’t feel the truth of another’s heart until you connect to the depth of your own.

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What Love Has To Do With Business