The Parents We Chose

In the spiritual world, it is said we choose our parents before birth. That we come into the world to learn a specific lesson that will advance our evolutionary path. So we look for a particular set of parents who will mirror the pattern we are meant to work on in this lifetime.

This sounded crazy to me at first. I’ve always secretly resented having such opposite parents that I deemed responsible for my extreme personality. My mother is generous, gentle & often sensitive. My father is independent, tough & often selfish. But now when I look at them, I just see two of the most relentlessly hard-working humans that have bestowed upon me a strong drive and work ethic. I chose two fighters.

More so, once I rose to the challenge of my own self-discovery, I found a unique blend of compassion and confidence that when balanced makes a powerful formula for impact. 👊🏽❤️

Look at the characteristics of your parents. What lessons can you learn from them? You might just find a cue to your purpose. 🚀💫





The Parents We Chose