Behind The Scenes

15 months ago, I maxed out my credit card. It actually declined booking a yoga class. It was one of the most humiliating moments of my life.

I’d been relatively successful most of my life, but had spent my savings following my intuition and traveling the world on a spiritual sabbatical.

I’d grown the courage to transition from an advertising career to pursue breathwork coaching – and people would consistently come up to me after class declaring I had changed their life – yet, I was making no money. What gives?

Luckily, I’d read enough spiritual books to understand I was in the “magic dark” period. The magic dark is when it seems like the universe is throwing all the tests and triggers to challenge if you really believe in your intention and yourself. It almost feels like all the healing isn’t working.

I knew I had to double down on myself. So, I started doing deep subconscious work on my abundance beliefs, and spent the last of my cash to attend a business workshop on pricing and packaging.

The NEXT day, I booked my first $10k client. I had a couple $16k months after that. In the Fall, I decided to double down and invest in myself again, and that’s when I started making $50k months. Now, I’m up $300k a little over a year later and we’re just getting started.

There’s a formula to clear subconscious blocks and expand your wealth conditioning. It’s a sweet spot between business strategy and acting on your intuition.

Behind The Scenes




Behind The Scenes