Do You Listen To Your Intuition?

I was out of alignment this week. The launch of my 7-Day HypnoBreathwork Intensive didn’t go as planned and I found myself forcing, pushing and over-overdoing.

I knew I had to surrender. So, I full stopped. I went to Sedona for a weekend with my girlfriends. This is the opposite of my default response – over-working.

Here lies the lesson… Are you willing to flow with the cues of the universe or do you need to control the process? Do you trust your intuition to guide you or when your rational mind is keeping you “safe” in old patterns?

The answer for most of us is “no”. We’ve been trained to listen to our logical mind that has been conditioned through childhood, social and cultural programming. The reason you can’t tell the difference between your fear and your intuition is because there is internal conflict between your head and your inner knowing.

That’s what the 7-Day Intensive is for – it’s a deep reset, a spiritual awakening – to clear the mental blocks to self-trust. Your drive has gotten you far but mastery requires getting comfortable in uncertainty and acting on your intuition.

The process is intense. But on the other side of your deep work is extreme clarity, new energy, and flow state on demand.





Do You Listen To Your Intuition?