What is Purpose and How to Unblock It?

Purpose has become an elusive concept. An abstract idea that doesn’t feel tangible or accessible. But in truth, every human being has a unique purpose in this lifetime. Each individual has an original gift or skill that is meant to be of service and contribution. Getting in alignment with the higher path is often the most blissful experience of our existence. 

Here’s how it works. Your life is made up of a series of obstacles and past experiences that have shaped who you are as a person. The accumulation of these events and corresponding characteristics have developed your story that is designed to be shared with the world. Once you have narrative and offering, an energy starts to emerge that resonates, awakens and inspires the collective consciousness. 

Let me break it down further. There is no one that exists exactly like you. Your upbringing, talents and curiosities make up a composition that is one of a kind. When you truly believe that, you will start to connect the dots of your choices that have led you to this point. Once you are able to understand the audience that needs your message a spiritual force starts to materialize. You will be ahead of the majority of the population in terms finding deeper meaning and recognizing a desire to contribute to something greater than yourself. You will feel an innate duty to share your knowledge, presence and energy and help wake others up to a more peaceful, abundant, joyous life – whatever it is that you inherently felt in your process. 

When we know our life’s purpose, we have conviction, meaning and something greater than ourselves to pursue. We have clear direction and alignment. We have confidence – a north star and permission to say no to anything that is not serving your highest good and the good for all. 

In Man’s Search for Meaning, psychologist and author and three time Holocaust concentration camp surivor, Viktor Frankl states,

Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life to carry out a concrete assignment, which demands fulfillment.”

Man is responsible and must actualize the potential meaning of his life.”

It does not matter what we expect from life, but rather what life expects from us.

Speaker, teacher and author of Claim Your Power, Mastin Kipp says the following about purpose:

To live your purpose, you must begin to live a courageous life. The true demonstration of courage is learning to take direction from your heart, no matter what your brain says.”

“When you live your purpose, you will be tested over and over again. You will come face-to-face with your deepest fears right before you transcend to the next level of your emotion.”

But perhaps my favorite definition of purpose is from entrepreneur and Nike master trainer, Brandon Collinsworth who defines it’s simplicity as:

Your Skill + Serving Others = Purpose

Why Do I Feel Like I Have No Purpose?

The reason it is challenging for people to know their purpose is because somewhere along life’s journey, events and outside opinions have chipped away at our self-belief and inner knowing. Most people feel lost or stuck in life because they have lost self-trust. They are lacking a strong intuition to guide them on their path. 

They’ve been conditioned to not know what truly lights them up. They listen to the logic of their mind instead of the wisdom of the body. Sometimes you find yourself years deep feeling stuck in a life you didn’t set out to live. It’s time to re-discover who you were  before the world got in the way. There’s a process of excavation that must be done. Going back to the origin, and uncovering the gems that exists deep inside of us. To allow those things to lead and guide us on where to go.

The road back to self requires deconstructing the walls that have been developed over the years from coping mechanisms and protective strategies. It requires. self-reflection, observation of beliefs and values, and breaking through old programs to get back into alignment with our most authentic self. This ride takes courage and tenacity. But to discover our life purpose – the mission that we are set to accomplish – creates a feeling of peace and alignment that is unparalleled. It can only be described as the highest feeling of solace, contentment and ultimate freedom. When we know exactly what we are set out in the world to do we have clear direction and feel intrinsic value and worthiness.

How to Find Your Purpose in Life?

So what if I told you discovering your purpose doesn’t have to be as mysterious as you think? There’s both an intuitive and methodological approach we can take. Let’s take the logical route and start with a few journal prompts.

  • What did you want to be when you grew up?
  • List out your previous job occupations.
  • What are your skills? Passions?
  • What do you care most about in the world?
  • What was your greatest obstacle?

Now sit with these answers. Take a couple deep breaths. Do you notice any intersections?

Don’t worry if it is not obvious to you yet. We are planting seeds in your subconscious that will continue to spark and connect as you continue reading. 

Now the fast track in this process and using the breathwork to access our subconscious and identify our blocks, limiting beliefs and next insights to living our purpose. 

If we can zoom out and look at the macro picture, you may just see how previous life events have tee’d you up for this very moment. Nothing was wasted. You are here reading these very words for a reason. Trust. Surrender to what life reveals. Don’t allow your conscious mind to negate your soul’s knowing. This isn’t about getting to a destination. It’s about enjoying the journey. The seeds are already being planted. Don’t try to know, control or force… let the insights come through in divine timing. If you still feel blocked, well, that means there’s some clearing to do before the clarity hits.

So how does HypnoBreathwork® unblock your purpose?

In HypnoBreathwork®, we use a curated and intentional process of topical sessions through the intention setting, music selection and guided vocal cues. We start with dialogue to stir up relevant content in your subconscious to come to the surface. We host sessions on all ends of the spectrum from deep healing to extreme clarity. In the last question the facilitator will always ask, “What is your next action step to create the life you want?” 9 times out of 10 your subconscious will bring forth an answer whether subtle or loud that will be the next step in your unfoldment. We then begin to mentally rehearse the action where we move through any nerves so you can execute as soon as you come out of the session. The more immediate you follow through on these intuitive action steps and consistent you stay in your practice, the faster the synchronicities and alignment will happen in your life.

We use this very deliberate process of breathwork to access your subconscious mind and clear blockages and gain insights. Then we bring in hypnosis to reprogram fears and limiting beliefs. We end on visioning to fire new neural pathways and generating the emotion of the future you want. That is intentionally using HypnoBreathwork® to unblock and reveal your purpose. 

We understand that when unprocessed emotions such as guilt and shame have been buried inside us, it’s impossible to hear our inner voice and guidance. We also recognize we must reprogram the habitual fear and doubt that has been instilled through childhood conditioning and social programming to move forward in an aligned direction. Finally, we must be crystal clear on our higher vision. This formula gives you an active role in co-creating your future with the universe.

Through stumbling upon my purpose and working with hundreds of clients and students in private and group sessions, (some of whom now hold a Breathwork certification or have become ambassadors for HypnoBreathwork®), I started to meticulously track intentions and behavior patterns. I collected data on root issues and results of each session. I noticed an order and cadence in the healing journey that allowed people to fall into alignment and develop a burning desire to be of service. 

With this knowledge I started to develop a 12-week course to give people the tools to heal themselves and gain clarity and direction on their path. I called it Unblock Your Purpose®. The most true observation I noticed was everyone had some element of the past they needed to let go. This includes inner child healing and exploring modeled behavior and relationships with their  primary caretakers. Once those dynamics were mended, it freed up energy for clarity and creativity. This is where we can start to connect skills and turn our passions into purpose. The next level of our evolution is to face romantic relationships – our greatest teachers and areas for growth. I developed corresponding lessons, journal prompts and HypnoBreathwork® sessions to guide people through these life topics.

The results were astounding. More than half of the people unhappy in their corporate jobs quit during or directly after the course to pursue a purpose-driven career and felt new.

Why Choose Breathwork to find your Purpose?

In my journey with breathwork, I’ve witnessed profound breakthroughs. I’ve seen people heal estranged relationships of decades in one session. I’ve seen forgiveness over unspeakable traumas in 30-minutes. In the first round of my unblock, your purpose 12 week course, one of the students in his first ever session released a childhood trauma of sexual molestation that they had not thought about in 40+ years. Their intention was to leave a legacy for their children and could not reach their higher potential – it was evident the sexual shame and sadness from their experience was what was blocking their energy to unleash to the next level. 

The path is not easy and it’s not linear. It is often a process of unlearning and relearning, becoming more aware, taking dips along the way but ultimately rising and moving forward. It can be hard to break open old wounds, to face our shit and and shed the armor and ego. It will test you and challenge you but if you stay open, it will also be beautiful and unlimitedly rewarding. 

Discovering your purpose will be the most meaningful experience of your life should you be brave enough to step into your full human potential.

It may not come all at once but if you take daily intuitive action from your clearest state, the way forward will start to unfold for you in synchronistic ways. Each step leads us to the next breadcrumb or level. This process will cultivate your self-trust, connection with your spirituality and if you use the triggers along the journey to heal, you will solidify a foundation of high self-worth.

Find Your Purpose today with our Breathwork Courses

If what you’ve made it this far and what you’ve read has inspired you to take action in your life and unblock something that only few people in this World can say they have complete understanding of, get in touch with me or book a session to start your journey today.





What is Purpose and How to Unblock It?