Speciality: Health 

"I help people clear subconscious blocks in body image to own the skin they’re in."

Speciality: flow state

Speciality: Energy

Speciality: feminine embodiment

Speciality: Relationships 

Speciality: Conscious Parenting

"The motherhood journey can be an intimate healing and spiritual connection."

Speciality: peak performance

Speciality: men's growth

"It's time to unleash your full potential and feel the energy within!"

"This is THE most powerful, efficient tool for self-improvement."

"I want to help you thrive through adversity, and live your most meaningful, fulfilling life." 

"The most important  relationship we will ever have is the one we have with ourselves."

"We can optimize performance at a physiological and biological level and hack flow states."

"There's a new masculine needed that is wholehearted, vulnerable and courageous."









Ambassador & Head Coach


Speciality: Health 

Nasreen (Nas) has spent over 15 years working in the federal work field, which left her feeling out of alignment, living without a purpose, and lost in her own life. After beginning her self-discovery journey she slowly started to make major life changes in an effort to become more aligned with who she wanted to be. Through Francesca Sipma's  Unblock Your Purpose® she was able to deepen her self-awareness, and find her life's purpose.

Nasreen is a health and wellness enthusiast who has worked and enjoyed progressing within the fitness industry for over 6 years. Through her own health and fitness journey in the athletic and personal health industry she is conscious of how deep rooted body image beliefs and conditioning, which many people have, limit individuals from becoming their highest selves.

Today, she is a Health and Mindset Coach, passionate about facilitating HypnoBreathwork® to help peak performers tap into their subconscious to clear any blocks in body image, reprogram liming beliefs and own the skin they’re in.

Ambassador & Head Coach


Specialty: Energy, clarity, Unleash of your true Power & Purpose

Born and raised in Germany, Frank’s passion for coaching led him to the United States where he was coaching American Football and chased his dream to become a professional coach in the US. After several internships at the pro and college level and two years of coaching at The University of Texas at El Paso, his journey led him to Japan where I worked as a professional coach.

During this time, he discovered the power of breathing through Francesca’s Breathwork Sessions. Through breathwork he experienced a massive change in his life. Frank deepened his self-awareness and found more clarity and calmness in stressful situations.
In addition to Frank’s 15-year coaching experience, he became a certified Yin Yoga Teacher and also a certified Breathwork Facilitator. Francesca Sipma’s Masterclass and Unblock your Purpose course has unleashed his pure intention and passion guiding others to find theirs. 

Living and coaching in different countries helped Frank to connect with people all over the world. He is very passionate about teaching breathwork, life and helping others to transform their lives for the better.

Today, Frank is Global Breathwork Coach that travels the world and facilitates breathwork. His sessions are in German, English and Spanish.

Ambassador & Head Coach


speciality: flow state

Crystal specializes in helping professionals connect to their flow so they can optimize the impact they are here to make in the world by amplifying productivity, enhancing decision making and accessing new levels of success through taking intuitive action.
Crystal’s breathwork journey started in 2018 when she found breathwork through kundalini yoga. Crystal was a cocktail waitress in Vegas nightlife at the time and found herself coming back for more to “get high on her own supply”. Little did she know, when she found HypnoBreathwork® that she found the secret sauce to breathwork. She learned how to use the breath to work through her habits of self-sabotage and reprogram those patterns into self-awareness.

With the guidance of Francesca’s HypnoBreathwork® Crystal helps her clients clear the blocks that are keeping them from accessing their focus and intuitive connection, then guiding them to heighten their creativity, clarity and unlimited potential.

You can find more out about Crystal on IG @theklaritycoach.

Ambassador & Head Coach


Specialty: Feminine Embodiment

Suzy came to understand the significance of the breath when in 2017, after sustaining a traumatic brain injury, it was all she had left. In that moment she chose to take the empowered choice and for 14 months totally bed bound harnessed this tool.

Now qualified in holotropic, rebirthing and HypnoBreathwork® Suzy is highly passionate about sharing this miracle with you!

Ambassador & Coach


speciality: relationships & Self-love 

Andrea (Andi) Kefalos has built her practice around helping those who are seeking deeper connections & more meaningful relationships through insight, action, and breathwork.

Her work is to break patterns and create new ones; to uncover what is blocking us from our purpose and release it. She offers private breathwork sessions for couples and individuals, group breathwork sessions, virtual workshops, and courses.

Her own journey began when she experienced multiple losses in her life around the same time. In her own pain, she realized that she did not want to be defined by anything other than the love she could give to herself. Her mission is to create a community, a support system, a way to help others in so many ways that she needed. Afterall, the most important relationship we will ever have is the one we have with ourselves. Healing starts from within each of us, but we don’t have to do it alone.

speciality: relationships & Self-love 

Ambassador & Coach


Speciality: peak performance

Kelsey is a Flow and Performance Specialist with a background in competitive soccer at a national level and a highly ambitious career in IT, she has always strived to achieve the best. As time went on she constantly felt disconnected from herself, her passion and purpose started to slip away and was replaced with a deep depression.

In 2017 she experienced extreme burnout amid a complete mental, emotional and spiritual breakdown. This period led to a journey of self-exploration, where she discovered the power of breathing and realised the importance of using an integrative approach to achieve optimal and peak performance in all areas of my life. 

Since this period she has course corrected and now has a background in Neuroscience and Flow Science, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Performance Breathing and Hypnobreathwork. 

Her passion lies in teaching people how to optimize performance at a physiological and biological level, hacking flow states and helping businesses amplify innovation.  

She works with individuals and businesses to break free of their inner limitations and conflicts, overcome mental obstacles, and drive through core life shifts. 

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Ambassador & Coach


Speciality: men's growth

John Dunlap (JD) spent the first 10 years of his career with a global professional services firm, supporting large-scale client engagements and investing in the career development for thousands of professionals.

Through his experiences in the corporate world and several personal growth endeavors, John has been learning to surrender his pride and an accompanying lifestyle of hustling, striving, and proving. This transformational journey has inspired John to pursue and lead a more wholehearted and abundant life of service. 

Now as a Meta Performance™ and HypnoBreathwork® certified coach, John holds space and fiercely advocates for other high-performers to discover & embrace the unique power within and activate it for even greater fulfillment, influence, and possibility.

John is especially passionate about empowering other men to courageously choose a life anchored by purpose and rhythm, where they can experience deeper connection within their relationships & faith and become true champions of their career & calling.   

Ambassador & Coach


speciality: Conscious Parenting

She is a recovering people pleaser + good girl + the queen of anxiety.

When she started motherhood journey she was lost in fear, anxiety and overwhelm. She was comparing, feeling less than enough and thought I was doing it all wrong. “WHY WAS THIS SO HARD!” She battled through 11 years of infertility, losses and the death of my daughter. When her son was born it shock her to her core as she was parenting after loss + saw a lot of her generational patterns playing out in her parenting.

She knew that I had to HEAL within to hold space for his spirit and raise a resilient and conscious child.

She truly believes that our motherhood journey can be an intimate healing and spiritual connection with yourself which in turns ignites your power and your unwavering SELF.

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Complete HypnoBreathwork® Teacher Certification
Complete Unblock Your Purpose 12-week Course
Complete 30 hours of HypnoBreathwork® sessions (10 self, 10 private, 10 groups)
Submit data including target, intentions, outcomes & patterns
Submit video on “What is HypnoBreathwork®?” & your speciality
Read Just Breathe by Dan Brule, Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza and The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday
Take DAILY INTUITIVE ACTION (with timelines & grace)

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