What Is Flow State in Breathwork?

Have you ever been fully immersed in a task at hand, free from all sense of time yet effortlessly productive? Did you experience a mental state of pure clarity, able to hyper-focus on an activity that you found intrinsically rewarding? Chances are, you may have entered flow. But what is flow state? 

Flow state occurs when there is perfect fluidity between the psyche and body. Far from being a mystical incident, it is one of life’s optimal experiences. Flow is a state of mind which allows you to access limitless brainpower and function at the highest possible level. Think less daily grind and stuck procrastinating, and more peak performance that excels you towards personal growth. When in flow state, colloquially known as being in the zone, it’s common to experience a loss of self-consciousness as every part of your being courses with creativity, organization, and unadulterated cognition. The entirety of your life force is absorbed in the task, and nothing else matters. 

How Do You Know You Are in a Flow State?

Your brain has reached infinite consciousness and is fully engaged in the present activity and moment. There is no mental capacity left to be concerned about the past or future or fret over personal anxieties. All energy becomes invested in maximizing your skill level while focusing on the objective. Information received is fully retained and deemed intrinsically motivating. 

With attention away from your thoughts and feelings, you find yourself finally free from the emotional overload that often comes with a sense of self. Flow state represents being in complete psychological contact outside yourself and the power possible as a result. 

How Can You Enter Flow State?

The first step in how to enter flow state is to eliminate all external distractions. Put away your phone, close email and social media tabs, remove all unneeded clutter from your workspace and ideally take yourself to a quiet environment. Next, you need to minimize all internal distractions. Mental overload will make experiencing flow near impossible. 

Enable yourself to enter a meditative state of mind by focusing all your attention on a specific project or task. Try playing binaural beats on Spotify to stimulate different regions of your brain and concentrate only on your present existence. 

Next, to get yourself ready for peak productivity, focus on your breathwork. Many of us take shallow breaths, never filling up to our full capacity. There are many breathing practices, but the most effective flow state breathwork involves a circular-connected method of a double inhale through your abdomen and chest, and a single exhale through your mouth for 22 minutes with total immersion. 

Initially, taking steps to enter flow can feel unnatural, and consequently, you may not reap the true benefits. For optimal results, try a guided session for $30, or book a private appointment through an ambassador or specialist. 

What Are the Benefits of Being in Flow State?

When in flow state, highly complex tasks feel effortless and enjoyable. Activities are powered through with boundless energy, artistic creativity, and clarity, leading to increased high-quality output. Once you’ve learned how to master the flow state, you’ll feel inspired to seek new information and challenges as part of your personal and professional development. 

Functioning at a higher level, common mental obstacles such as self-doubt, perfectionism, and worry melt away, replaced by a lasting sense of fulfilment and happiness. As the good feelings flow, you’re able to experience better emotional regulation, ultimately allowing you to move forward on your path toward psychological well-being. To discover the power of personal breakthrough, consider embarking on a revolutionary and transformational journey to unblock your purpose. 

How Long Does Flow State Last?

It’s common to wonder how long does flow state last? The answer is it varies depending on the individual, the day, and the task at hand. To truly enter flow, allow at least 90 minutes purely focused on one activity. By the 45-minute mark, all being well, you will hit your optimum.

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What Is Flow State in Breathwork?