My Rebirthing Breathwork Experience

The most special night in Malibu with a Rebirthing Breathwork session lead by the legendary, Dan Brule.

I went in with the intention of reprogramming my association to love. As I fall deeper in love with my partner Steve, I notice it makes me sad. My mind immediately goes to fear, loss and the end.

As the session started, I felt like a novice with this different technique. I had the same thoughts many people who are new to breathwork experience:

“This isn’t working.”
“I want to stop.”

Then the music dropped and I felt my partner place his hand on my heart. I burst into tears. I felt the fear dissipating from my chest. I started bringing in hypnotic affirmations:

Love is calm
Love is safe
Love is present
Love is happiness
Love is joy

I felt this beautiful calm start to regulate my nervous system. I could tell Steve was also having an emotional session and at the end I looked over at him and said, “You love me?” And he said, “Spread your arms apart as wide as you can and feel the entire universe. That much.”

What a beautiful gift.

Thank you Dan Brule.





My Rebirthing Breathwork Experience

My Rebirthing Breathwork Experience