Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Here is a list of my top 5 favorite books of all time!

STEALING FIRE: How Silicon Valley and Navy Seals are using alternate states of consciousness to accelerate self-development and enhance flow states for creativity, collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurship and community.

THE WAY OF THE SUPERIOR MAN: Provocative read and advanced understanding of masculine and feminine dynamics, and how to create polarity in relationships. Every man and woman must read this book!

THE LAWS OF HUMAN NATURE: My bible on emotional self-mastery and understanding human behavior. The psychology behind personality archetypes is brash and profound!

LIVING IN THE LIGHT: A beautiful breezy read on listening to your body and taking action on your intuition! (Changed my life!)

BECOMING SUPERNATURAL: The brilliant Dr. Joe Dispenza deep dives into epigenetics, quantum physics and the energy behind creating your own reality – the key being a clear intention and elevated emotion.

Must Read Books




Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Last minute gift ideas! My top 5 favorite books of all time!