I’m having mind-blowing sex with a nice guy.

I used to think passionate, raw, uninhibited sex only happened with bad boys. I thought nice guys were boring. I chased chemistry and mistook intensity for intimacy.
That gravitational pull… the ‘cosmic connection’… is a trauma bond. Magnetism comes from unhealed parts of ourselves desiring to be loved and seen. As @kuteblackson says, “It’s not chemistry, it’s an energetic familiarity to your Dad.” 🤯

In order to break the addictive cycle, we must go deeper. It all comes down to subconscious beliefs and self-worth.
If we don’t believe we can have both, to be adored and aroused – we won’t. If on a subconscious level we don’t believe we are deserving of respect AND ravishing – we won’t attract it. No one is coming to save us from our limiting beliefs.

Breathwork is the modality that revealed my jaded beliefs and unhealthy patterns. Hypnotherapy is the practice that rewired them. Once I cleared the blocks to self-worth, the attraction to toxic dynamics dissipated, and I was able to magnetize healthy intimacy.

Breathwork for Relationships




I’m having mind-blowing sex with a nice guy.