A Journey To Myself

On this day last year, I was roaming around Marrakesh after a year of self-discovery and traveling the world. It started at a 7-Day Holotropic Breathwork retreat in Bali. I’d never heard of breathwork, but was feeling insatiable and empty after accomplishing my career goals and the spiritual teacher’s words resonated with me. That week was the most mind-blowing experience of my life. We went way beyond my level of self-awareness from therapy and self-help books, and I unraveled conditioning and healed wounds I didn’t know existed. The physical and emotional sensations were insane and I felt completely rejuvenated – like I was meeting myself for the first time.

I became so fascinated by breathwork that upon my return to the states, I booked a 2.5 hour session in Santa Barbara, attended every class and workshop I could find in the East Bay and brought my mom to a retreat in Sedona. I knew I couldn’t go back to work – financially it made NO SENSE, but intuitively I put my things in storage and booked a flight to India. I did yoga everyday, explored Kundalini Tantra and learned #ayurveda. I couldn’t stop, I went to an @eckharttolle conference, 10-day silent #vipassana retreat, @tonyrobbins UPW event, #ayahuasca trip in Peru and read 70+ books on #psychology#spirituality & #leadership.

I reset at my parent’s house in AZ for a few weeks and found myself back in Bali for another round of energy healers, acupuncturists, hypnotherapists and of course, more breathwork. Then, I flew to Chiang Mai for a month to write my book about all the crazy things I learned.

From Thailand, I ended in Europe to see family and popped over to Morocco for one more adventure as seen in this photo. But it wasn’t until I got to LA a month later and started teaching breathwork and stepping into my purpose that I’ve felt truly fulfilled and that my life had meaning.

I’m ready to pay that forward and am working on something special to help you discover your purpose through your story. ❤️ Stay tuned!

Breathwork for Healing




A Journey To Myself