"One transformational breathwork session is equivalent to two years of psychotherapy."​

Dr. Henry Smith Rohrberg


This is a 40-minute session including breathwork to clear subconscious blocks and visualization to magnetize your soul's desire!

In this session, we explore ego vs. soul manifestation, release limiting beliefs and drop into a deep theta state to attract what you want in your life! Get ready for a powerful journey!



40-Min Session



Unblock your

Unblock Your Purpose is a 12-week course curated to release subconscious blocks and step into your power and purpose. It includes live coaching with breathwork and hypnotherapy designed to radically transform your life! Here’s what you can expect:

• Clarity and direction into your life’s purpose.
• A foundation of high self-worth and confidence in uncertainty.
• Shifting into an abundance mindset.
• Upleveling your relationships.
• Conscious community support & accountability.





Flow State

Flow State Breathwork is an innovative approach to stimulate creativity and collaboration. The oxygenation technique activates different parts of the brain for heightened focus, clarity and new neural connections – while boosting team morale and enhancing productivity. This session is designed for corporate and group virtual sessions and workshops.


corporate session



– Colette Carlsson

“I tried my first breathwork class with Francesca and had a complete euphoric experience. It was so profound, I experienced ultimate bliss.”

- Moy Gutierrez

“Second session as you said definitely more intense due to knowing what’s coming , I’ve come to realize there are some things I’ve been repressing and holding on to. I literally cried my heart today and it was definitely necessary, there are some things I can’t explain in words about how breathwork has made me feel, and not enough words can express how thankful we all are.”

- Mackenzie Navarro Kuchta

"I’m seriously at a loss for words. That was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever gone through. I’m still shaky. So many emotions and faces came up. Made me realize how much I need to work on my self-acceptance. You were meant for this and it radiates - even virtually.” 

-  Adrian Gutierrez

I’ve been trying to articulate what happened in that room and I have yet to find the words. All I can say is that it was VERY powerful. You are great at what you do, no doubt about that. I hope a lot more people get to experience it.”