What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is an experiential therapy using circular, connected breaths to access altered states of consciousness and clear suppressed emotions and stagnant energy from the mind and body. Through increased oxygen and decreased carbon dioxide, we activate different areas of the brain to create new neural pathways for deeper insights and heightened clarity, while dissipating the root of unresolved emotional charges.

What is HypnoBreathwork®?

HypnoBreathwork® combines the power of breathwork to clear suppressed emotions and energetic patterns, with hypnosis for visualization and subconscious reprogramming. This optimized process heals unprocessed emotions while rewiring limiting beliefs and automated habits to create sustainable behavior change.

How will HypnoBreathwork® benefit my clients and myself?

The unique formula accelerates trance-induced states to align our conscious goals and subconscious motivations for sustainable behavior change. The consistency of this practice allows us to shift our energy and create the life of our dreams.

Do I need to have experience with breathwork to apply for the training?


How long will the training be?

The training will consist of 4 consecutive days of 7 hours of training per day.

Following the 4 days will I receive my certification? 

Yes, following the 4 days you will receive your HypnoBreathwork® certificate.

How long after I am certified can I begin to facilitate HypnoBreathwork® ?

Right away! We encourage you to begin as soon as you receive your certification.

What is a HypnoBreathwork® Ambassador and how do I become one?

A coach committed to their self-growth and the expansion of their clients. They do their deep work so they can lead from a place of authenticity & integrity.

In order to become an Ambassador you must meet the requirements:

• HypnoBreathwork® Teacher Certification
• Complete Unblock Your Purpose 12-week Course
• Complete 30 hours of HypnoBreathwork® sessions (10 self, 10 private, 10 groups)
• Submit data including target, intentions, outcomes & patterns
• Submit a video on “What is HypnoBreathwork®?” & your speciality
• Read Just Breathe by Dan Brule, Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza and The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday
• Take daily intuitive action: taking action on what comes up in breathwork and committing to it with timelines and grace. 

Will this training certify me to teach my own teacher trainings?

No, this training is not designed for you to teach others to become HypnoBreathwork® certified. This training is designed for individuals to gain the necessary skills to lead one-on-one and group sessions. 

How long is a HypnoBreathwork® Session?

A typical session is 25 minutes in length. It will consist of 20 minutes of active breathing followed by 5 minutes of deep meditation.

Is HypnoBreathwork® safe?

Yes. However, it can be an intense experience. Here are some of the sensations you may encounter:

Temperature - it is normal for your body temperature to fluctuate from hot to cold as emotions are being released from the body
Body Stiffening - The body can tighten and contract in places that commonly hold blockages such as the mouth, lips, hands and arms (tetany), legs, feet, and the hips. 

What is tetany/lobster claws?
When your hands and/or arms are experiencing stiffness and cramping due to your deeper and faster breathing. You may experience temporary pain or inability to move your hands and/or arms however this is not harmful or lasting.

Tingling - It is very common for the body to begin tingling either all over or in certain areas, depending on where energy is moving. 
Movement - during the session your body may shake, vibrate, move around - this is perfectly safe and part of the process. 
Release - you may feel the need to release energy through crying, laughing, screaming. All of this is a part of the energetic release.
Muscle tightness - energy can collect in the body and create a traffic jam. The area may become knotted, tight, or sore. This usually passes within a few minutes.
Emotions - the process is about releasing the emotions that are on the surface. With the HypnoBreathwork® practice, we are accessing fears and anxieties that are stuck in the body so it may feel uncomfortable when releasing. We encourage students to commit to the practice and soften the breath if things start to feel too uncomfortable. 

How does HypnoBreathwork® affect my body?

HypnoBreathwork changes the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in our body making our blood more alkaline and therefore stimulating different regions of the brain. This allows us to quiet down the default mode network (the analytical and logical mind) and activate our subconscious mind - the storehouse of memories, information, beliefs and values - to expand and make new creative connections.

What is the breathing pattern we will follow?

It is a 2-part inhale through the nose (belly then chest) and exhale through the mouth. The breathing pattern remains for 20 minutes following a 5 minute meditation.

What is the difference between Nasal vs. Mouth breathing?

The nose is designed to breathe through. It has hairs that filter dust and mucus membranes that trap microscopic particles. The majority of time we will take our inhales through the nose, and exhales through the mouth. However, there are some sessions where we encourage intentional mouth breathing to access the sympathetic nervous system and clear deeper suppressed emotions. 

Can we do hands-on work while facilitating a session?

You must ask for consent prior to touching or doing any hands-on work with the client.

HypnoBreathwork® has the ability to physiologically impact and shift your emotional state, so if you fall under any of these we strongly advise you to notify your breathwork guide and consult your physician for approval before any HypnoBreathwork® practice. 

• Pregnant 
• Nursing
• High Blood Pressure
• Asthma
• Epilepsy
• Diagnosed Psychiatric Disorders