HypnoBreathwork® w/ Francesca Sipma

Where business strategy x intuitive action

Business Coaching
w/ Jason Lew

Your fears, limiting beliefs and conditioning are keeping you from living your full potential.

Your next leap in business is waiting on you.

The clients. The abundance. The impact.

This 12 month mastermind is designed to teach you how to release the stories of self-doubt that hold you back, and learn the strategies of becoming a successful entrepreneur and launching a thriving business.  

About your Coaches


Francesca and Jason met at a Money Mindset workshop in August 2020. She was a breathwork coach and hypnotherapist and he was a business strategist and mentor. Within their first 30 days of working together, Jason brought Francesca to her first $30k month, she made consecutive $50k months following and they reached their first $100k month before the end of the year. Jason implemented systems, structure and strategy to help Francesca identify her blindspots, capitalize on her strengths and become the founder and creator of her own methodology HypnoBreathwork®.

Francesca showed Jason to the power of connecting spiritually and accessing flow state on-demand. He learned when and how to drop from his head to his heart, release attachment to his logical mind, and trust himself and the process. This intersection of business strategy and intuitive action has brought them both great success and they are ready to share this dynamic combination with you!

Self doubt and imposter syndrome...

Flow State Breathwork™ is the ultimate morale boost while generating new energy & concentration!

So if you're struggling with

Procrastination or inconsistent action...

Comparing yourself to others that are further down the line…

Release subconscious blocks and old habits holding you back.
Scale and grow a multiple 6 figure business.
Learn pricing and package strategies.
Optimize finance and wealth models.
Grow your audience and attract ideal clients.
Master sales.
Take consistent intuitive action. 
Tap into your highest purpose and potential.

This 12 month mastermind is designed to help you

12 Live HypnoBreathwork® Sessions
Weekly Live Business Strategy Coaching
Mastermind Community
Live Launch Exercises
Expert Speakers 
Action, Accountability and Support in Real-Time

You’ll learn this through

• Mindset
• Self-Awareness
• Target Demographic
• Messaging & Positioning
• Branding & Design
• Business Models & Content Strategy
• Legal & Business Entities
• Marketing Strategy
• Finance, Investing & Cryptocurrency


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